Low Pressure Foaming Machine

The Low-pressure machines are normally recommended for applications with relatively low production volumes. It's a versatile machine, low pressure typical applications are: footwear, filters cars, seals, application for adhesives and glues, sealants and elastomers.
Low pressure units are also used where the materials viscosity is very high or disproportionate between the two components and does not a good mixing when high pressure machine is used. The mixing of the chemical products occurs inside a mixing chamber including a dynamic mixed acted by a motor, whose form depends on the type of application and the viscosity of materials.
The dynamic mixer makes from 3.000 to 10.000 rpm depending on the materials formulation.
The spool placed on the mixing head  turns pneumatically to allow the output of the two materials, at pressures that go from 10 to 80 psi and consequently mixed through the dynamic mixer.
When the required quantity of material is released, the spool will get closed.
At the end of the pouring and when all the mixed material has been ejected from the mixing chamber through an air blow, the mixing is washed with solvents or hot water, then a final air blow will end the cleaning and the drying of the mixer, preparing it to the next pouring (multiple injections are possible only when the lapse of time between  one pouring and the other is very short, within the time limits of the materials reaction.)