High pressure foaming machine

R.M.P.A High pressure machines are available with capacities from 80 gr to 3,5 Kg per second.
These machines can be interfaced with automated systems such as carousels and rotating tables through manipulators and pouring robot.
Customers demand we can install the magnetic coupling as optional on the pump of our machines to avoid any possible loss of material.
The high pressure foaming machines are mainly used in applications that require precision in injection for foams to be put into moulds, such as in the automotive sector for components like seats, dash boards, and soundproof carpets; In the Furniture sector for the realization of chairs, sofas and simil-wood furniture.

The principle of injection under high pressure means:
The self-cleaning piston hydraulically controlled retracts allowing the escape of raw components injected from the nozzles inside the mixing chamber of the mixing head, where the same materials will be carefully mixed at a pressure starting from 1.500 up to 2.800 psi; the injection of so mixed materials follows, a pouring dosed according to the volume to be filled , after which the spools are closed again and the mixing chamber is cleaned from the material by the self-cleaning piston that lowers in closing position ready for next injection .
It's important that the nozzles are of the exact size according to the working ratio and the viscosity of the components.
RMPA high-pressure standard machines are equipped with Rexroth high-pressure piston pumps.
All the RMPA machines guarantee high care in the ratio between the components, materials flow, pressures and dosing being equipped with:

   - jacketed  and Pressurized tanks-materials recycling system with closed loop for thermostatation;
   - pipes –nest heating exchangers
   - sensors for materials temperature control
   - axial pistons doing pumps or dosing cylinders
   - Capacity transducers for monitoring working ratio(Optional)
   - Chiller (Optional)
   - Diaphragm pneumatic filling pumps, from storage tanks to machine ones.