About Us

Born 1983, RMPA SRL become one of the leading companies in the production, revision and installation of polyurethane foaming machines and equipment. RMPA provides complete projects, manufactures and installs its own machines and equipment, through its skilled technical team that provides assistance and spare parts service throughout the world.

R.M.P. srl is proud to include among its own clients the most representative Firms of the whole Italian and international productive panorama in the sectors: Automotive, gaskets and filters, home and office furniture, heat insulation, refrigeration Industry, Packaging, Construction. applications:Flexible Polyurethane Foam in all its TDI-MDI formulations including a mineral filling (Graphite, Barite, Fibreglass etc…) ones. Rigid PU foam, low density for isolation (sandwich panels for refrigerating rooms, covering and walls, cooling insulation, piping, roller shutter, etc.) RIM Integral Rigid high-density wood imitation Thixtropic Heavy Layers.

RMPA manufactures and installs a wide range of machines and complete equipment also wholly computerized. All the equipment and spare parts are provided directly by the RMPA SRL, without intermediaries. The company provides complete assistance concerning projects and technical advices, our technicians specialized in installations and maintenance work through out the world.